While the bright Florida sunshine provides plenty of natural illumination for your property during daylight hours, the same cannot be said for nighttime. If you are a member of an HOA board, it is more than likely that you have spent a considerable amount of time managing your landscape, molding it into an attractive amenity for new residents. Showing it off is your top priority, from high-quality images to social media posts. However, there is one half of the day often overlooked by those looking to show off their landscape. Installation of landscape lighting is a must if you want to let your property shine during off-hours. There are many benefits of landscape lighting for your HOA, which we wanted to make you well aware of.

landscape lighting by the pool

Family-Friendly Safety and Security

The most functional and general component of landscape lighting is that it makes areas brighter. In the context of a family-friendly HOA, you want your landscape to look great, but also feel safe. If your common areas, clubhouse, and front entrance are all well lit and integrated with street lighting, your HOA will give off a sense of security. Deterring any criminal activity, people are much less likely to do bad things when there is a possibility of being seen.

HOA Pride: Front Entrance and Signage

Another reason your HOA members will love the installation of landscape lighting is the pride they will feel when they see their beautifully lit front entrance. This is the logo of your neighborhood, indicating the name of the development. It should feel welcoming to both residents and visitors and invoke a feeling of pride, not embarrassment. Many pieces of neighborhood signage are left unlit or poorly lit. Our team at Estate will artistically connect up and downlighting to ensure that passersby know your neighborhood, without being blinded.

Aesthetic Lighting Designs

Yes, our team at Estate Landscaping does install landscape lighting. However, installation is only one piece of the puzzle. We pride ourselves on creating cohesive lighting designs, highlighting the beauty of your landscape. This could be uplighting for a line of trees, shedding light on their size and the privacy they provide. Alternatively, this could be LED lighting lining sidewalks and walkways, providing structure to the grander property. Based upon the specifics of your HOA, we will tailor our design to your needs, creating an aesthetically pleasing design sure to be loved by your residents.

Increased Property Value and Curb Appeal

If there is one thing that your residents will be sure to love about your new landscape lighting for your HOA, it is the increase in their property value. Lighting is an amenity, and if the bill is footed by the association, residents are only benefiting. Prospective buyers will be willing to pay more for the added aesthetic and security, making your HOA that much more prestigious to be a part of. Coming right along with an increase in curb appeal, your development will become the hottest around, and HOA applications will come flooding in.

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