Every property owner has a moment in time where they look at their landscape and decide that it needs an update. This is universal across property types; residential, commercial, and even municipal. In order to drive in anything, whether it be attention, business, or property value, landscapes must be exciting. If a landscape is not updated, it will become boring and bland. This is exactly why we use landscape enhancements to reinvigorate properties. However, when it comes to these enhancements there is one installation that requires no changes to your landscape itself, but still offers huge benefits. This is landscape lighting, and here are a few of the reasons why it is an excellent investment.

Improved Nighttime Aesthetics

Before we discuss the functionality of landscape lighting, we must first discuss how it improves the look of a property. Assuming you keep up on maintenance of your landscape, there should be some pretty flowers, a nice hardscape, or even a water feature. Whatever currently exists in your landscape, lighting will illuminate it at all hours of the night. Landscape lighting creates a luxury feel, and gives off the impression of a significant investment. It can be used to light up the front entrance, the face of the building, or even walkways. It will make the property feel more organized and structured, which is a quality every property seeks to emulate.

Increased Level of Safety

Beyond your landscaping simply looking better at night, the fact that the landscape is lit will deter criminal activity on your property. Whether it be a business, home, or resort, trespassing and theft are always a potential concern. Statistics show that it is exponentially less likely for this activity to take place on a well lit property, compared to a darkened property where identification is tough. It also keeps pathways around the property well lit, so visitors feel safer traversing the property at night. This can be especially important at apartment complexes and resorts, where the comfortability of guests is paramount. Lighting will ensure that nobody is slipping and falling due to poor visibility, and keep you off the hook for any potential liability.

Property Value and Curb Appeal

Like anything else, landscape lighting is an amenity that is sure to be valued by both guests, and potential buyers. Lighted properties are slowly becoming the standard, so if your property does not currently have outdoor lighting, you are lagging behind. Additionally, the installation of lighting makes your property more appealing to passerbys, and will drive attention and interest.

Property Accessibility at Night

The final benefit of adding landscape lighting to your property is that you and your guests will get more use out of it. Adding that lighting to the outdoor common area will extend its ability to be used into later hours. Great for a late night cookout, football game, or just a relaxing night with the kids, landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment.

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