Senior Living

As our elderly approach the waning years of their life, they should be as comfortable as possible. We are pointed in our efforts to create and maintain enjoyable and livable landscapes for senior living centers and complexes. Allowing your residents to feel taken care of, as well as increasing the value of your center and it’s services, can be found within your landscape.

“Charlie wanted to let you know that Hector was riding by my property, stopped and began inspecting some small areas that seem to be struggling. I did not approach him, until he was done. He explained in detail what he felt was the problem, is concerned it could spread and plans on reviewing with you his proposed plan.

Why am I telling you this? Because far too often people like to complain about what does not get done to their satisfaction and not enough times do people take time to recognize people that are pro-active in their approach.
I wanted you to know that Hector was proactive and seems to be knowledgeable and concerned.”

Ed Capezzutta
President — Bella Terra Single Family Home’s

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