Irrigation Management

Irrigation and water management is the glue that holds all beautiful landscapes together. Our certified Irrigation Technicians can manage your irrigation effectively and efficiently for your landscape to thrive. Irrigation Adjustments (Wet Checks) are performed monthly by an Estate Irrigation Technician to make sure that first and foremost, the irrigation is being delivered where it is supposed to be, but also make sure that the correct amount of water is being used.

Southwest Florida, with its sub-tropical environment provides different challenges year-round when it comes to irrigation. In order to keep up with demand, this requires adjustments to just how much irrigation is being put down throughout the year. Many factors such as location, age of the community, plant palette and turf type all factor into the best way to control and maximize the irrigation. Our technicians will make the necessary repairs, but we don’t send irrigation repair bills after the fact without explanation.

Estate is certified and trained for use in Toro, Hunter & Rainbird irrigation systems and an EPA Water Sense member.


  • We manage settings on your irrigation controller and check water coverage to ensure that your plants and turf are receiving the proper amount of water.
  • Irrigation checks also prevent wasting water, disease, and costly plant and sod replacement.
  • Our irrigation technicians can clean/change nozzles, move heads and make other irrigation repairs.

Elaine Dix
Landscaping Chairman

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