Commercial Landscaping

Ground Maintenance

Turf Mowing:
Our equipment will always have sharp blades and are changed frequently for a clean, neat cut appearance and to reduce turf stress pressures.

We use proper pruning methods and favor “pocket pruning” rather than sheering all shrubs. Pocket pruning will leave your shrubs looking more natural and prevent stress.



Fertilization & Pest Control

Fertility management:
Our fertilizer is custom blended to protect the health and appearance of your lawn, plants and trees year round. We use the proper amount of slow release, granular fertilizers to keep nutrients at a consistent level, which prevents weeds and disease.

Chemical weed, insect and disease control:
Estate pro actively manages weeds and disease with high quality pre and post-emergents. Our Certified horticulturists and Certified Pest Control Operator will monitor your property monthly and ensure that potential issues are addressed immediately.

Tree Care

Hardwoods and palm trees can provide value to your landscaping for decades by providing shade in the summer heat and positively influencing the aesthetics of your landscaping. Estate’s Tree Care program promotes the health and vitality of hardwoods and palms. Our program includes:

  • Specialty palm fertilization program
  • Palm pruning
  • Bud drenching (insect control)
  • Hardwood pruning and thinning



Irrigation Management

We manage settings on your irrigation controller and check water coverage to ensure that your plants and turf are receiving the proper amount of water. Irrigation checks also prevent wasting water, disease, and costly plant and sod replacement. Our irrigation technicians can clean/change nozzles, move heads and make other irrigation repairs.


Enhancements add value to your landscaping by give your property a new, refreshed “enhanced” look. Fresh mulch will give shrub beds a neat appearance and annual flowers will make your landscape “pop” with color. Some enhancement ideas include:

  • Mulch
  • Pine Straw
  • Seasonal Color
  • Sod, Plant
  • Tree installation
  • Water features

“We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the change in our property since Nick Hamilton became our manager. He has been attentive to our concerns and is working hard to get them rectified. Nick is also prompt when returning calls. The Harborage is happy with the changes our property is making, since Nick came on board.”

Gary Wenger

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