Everyone loves the weather in Florida. It is the exact reason why so many residents spend their winter in the state, and why the beaches are always packed. Sunny and hot, getting a tan is never too difficult. This is great for your landscape as well, as your plant material is always getting an adequate amount of sunlight. However, too much sun can be bad for your landscaping efforts, especially in combination with no rainfall. This would constitute drought conditions, which can cause a multitude of problems for your landscape. In this blog we will discuss what those problems are and how to deal with them.

Drought Conditions: Potential Issues

These conditions are certainly not normal in Florida, and it is very possible that they will not come to fruition. However, it is a possibility, and one you need to be prepared for. Although there is no strict definition of what a drought is, you can consider it to be any extended period of unnaturally dry weather. These conditions can increase the likelihood of disease and pest infestation, and potential for soil erosion. It will also just generally decrease the health of your turf as there is less moisture to go around.

Preparing for a Potential Drought

One of the best ways to prepare for a drought is to have mulch installed atop all of your plant beds. Mulch is the great insulator, keeping excess moisture in the soil, and heat out. Not to mention all of its other benefits like keeping weeds out and adding nutrients to your soil. You can also focus on your watering methods, motivating roots to grow deeper into the soil. Do this by watering deeply into the soil, forcing roots to go and get it. This will keep drought conditions from taking as much of a toll.

You should also look into xeriscaping, which is simply the process of using less water intensive features in your landscape. Replace that piece of extra lawn with decorative rock, or a hardscape patio. Adding shade can also reduce the watering needs of covered plants as they are less stressed by the sun.

Collecting runoff and rainfall can also add to your water supply, especially because most municipalities put restrictions on usage.

Drought Resistance

The final way in which you can prepare for a drought is by making a pointed effort to install drought tolerant plant material. This is true for every facet of your landscaping, from turf to tree. There are plants native to Florida in every variety that you could need. These species will be referred to as drought tolerant, or “hardy” to the heat. Ensure that when you are selecting your plants or turf for this year that you look out for those that can withstand the heat.

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