Florida is a beautiful place to live. It offers bright sun-filled days, warm temperatures, and almost tropical weather conditions. The sand and the sun attract a lot of people. For the most part, Florida is a great place for lawns and vegetation that people love to plant around their homes. The only real draw-back for lawns in Florida is the problems that the -weather can create for your lawns and gardens.

Cold weather issues

Florida is a warm and bright state. That does not mean that the area never experiences cold temperatures that can be damaging to the vegetation you love.

Freezing temperatures do reach the sunshine state and when they do those temperatures can wreak havoc on the palms, citrus trees, and grass in the area. You have to prepare your lawn and gardens in advance of a freeze so that when the freeze is over your plants will still be hardy and viable.

Hurricane Conditions

From the first of June until the first of November the residents of Florida are on the look-out for tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms are one of the drawbacks of living in paradise.

Most people think about the devastation that a hurricane or tropical storm can bring to tall plant life and trees. The high winds that accompany these storms can knock trees down and even uproot them.

These storms also bring huge storm surges that bring the seawater farther onto the land. Lawns and gardens are not fond of seawater and often get very sick after prolonged exposure.

The storms bring a deluge of rain that can cause flooding across the state. Your grass likes water but it does not like to be covered in water for six hours or more. This influx of water causes lawn diseases, root rot, and bug conditions to escalate.


On the reverse side of hurricanes and deluges of rain are the periods of time when your lawn gets no water from rain or natural sources. You are left trying to water your grass with a hose and sprinkler system. This would not be so bad if you were not also trying to conserve water for other uses like cooking, drinking, and cleaning in your home.

Drought conditions can starve the vegetation of the moisture it needs. It can allow diseases to move in and parasitic bugs that will feast on your lawn and leave you with brown patches or worse.


Another weather issue that can destroy your lawn are fires that get started during drought conditions. These fires can quickly burn across many acres of property killing and damaging everything in their path.

Protection and Prevention

The only thing that you can do about weather-related issues is to prepare for them and respond to them as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

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