Irrigation eats up a large portion of the water consumed by the average home. Most people use 50% of their monthly water to irrigate their lawns. People who have a yard that covers 5,000 square feet can easily be spending up to $25 each time they water the lawn.

To save money and conserve water you can take advantage of the latest technology. You will save time, water, and your lawn will be perfectly cared for.

Wifi Clock

An automated watering system allows you to provide moisture for your lawn without you having to go outside, turn on the sprinklers, and then go back outside to turn the sprinklers off. To make your automated system efficient and to provide the perfect amount of water for your lawn you should consider a WiFi Clock.

The WiFi watering timers can be used in conjunction with the majority of standard hoses and faucets. They are easy to use, and they are compatible with iOs, Android, and web services like Alexa.

You do not have to install an underground system of pipes to take advantage of the benefits a WiFi clock can give you.

These timers use the local weather data from your zone to determine the amount of water your lawn needs. They are capable of keeping your lawn watered perfectly and you can access the data they collect from your smartphone or mobile device.

You can control your watering system from your smartphone and from remote locations. The WiFi clocks/timers will come with an app that you download and then you will use that app to sync your smartphone or mobile device to the clock.

Your lawn will be watered at the right time and you will be able to track the amount of water that is being used. You may get your water usage report according to the gallons of water that are dispersed or according to the amount of time the water is dispersed.

Some of these timer/clocks will even alert you if there is a leak in your watering system.


MP Rotators

Another technology improved item is the MP Rotator. They are the replacement for standard sprinkler heads. They allow a multi-trajectory of rotating streams of water to be applied to your lawn at a steady rate. They are efficient and will use 25% less water than traditional sprinkler heads while providing your lawn with the precise amount of water that is needed.

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are features of an irrigation system that allows the system to make the decision to not water on a certain schedule because the ground is moist enough due too natural rainfall. These sensors are especially useful during the seasons when the rain is frequent.

The soil sensors are capable of measuring the moisture content in the soil so they can relay that information to your watering system and prevent unnecessary watering. These sensors will help reduce the amount of water you use, but most importantly they will help reduce disease in your grass that is caused by overwatering.

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