In so many of our blogs, we have beat on the importance of landscape enhancements that add value to your property. Not only in terms of literal property value, which is a guarantee, but also in the perceived value of the landscape to someone who might spend their money to utilize the area. This could be as a customer, resident, or tenant. All of these individuals have values, and those values typically are going to align with current trends. In fact, this is why trends even exist, because a majority of people are moving in that direction. In an effort to help you be more educated on your landscaping decisions, here are some trendy landscape ideas for 2023.

Sustainable Landscaping

Once again a familiar face makes an appearance. Not only is sustainable landscaping sustaining the environment, but it also seems to be sustaining itself as a trend. Being conscious about the environment does not seem to be going away anytime soon, and prioritizing sustainability in your landscape is an easy yet impressive way to be trendy. The most prominent way to be sustainable is to use native plant material. These plants will require the least maintenance and resource use to stay healthy. This means fewer chemicals and water being used, so less of an impact on the environment. Because these plants are local they will typically attract local wildlife, always a plus. The installation of an irrigation system is also surprisingly sustainable, as there is a good chance you are overwatering as is. These systems rely on automation and weather data to track precise water use, ensuring you only use as much as you need. With these systems, you can also expect your water bill to take a sharp plunge. 

Trendy Landscape Ideas

Pot and Container Planting

Not everything has to be a specially designed plant bed. Nowadays, it has become increasingly trendy to find more creative ways to display plant material. One of those ways that is both attractive and convenient is containers and pots. These allow you to plant and display anywhere on the property. It is especially helpful to add plant material on top of hardscapes, like patios and walkways. They can be taken inside during storms to ensure the safety of the plant as well. If you are looking for a trendy addition that is both cheap and lacks hassle, planting with containers and pots might be for you. 

Being Prepared: Hurricane Response

This trend is a little outside the box, and not directly related to any particular addition to the landscape. In fact, this trend is about preserving what you have already deeply invested in. Our hurricane response program exists for our customers and fills up quickly. The sooner you give us pre-authorization to clean up your property in case of a hurricane, the sooner you can go to bed stressed free knowing that in a worst-case scenario, you are taken care of. It is trendy to be prepared in 2023. 

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