Spring has arrived and it is time to get outside and dress up your property. One of the most colorful ways to breathe new life to your lawn and garden is by planting annuals.

In Florida a lot of people get discouraged by annuals because the flowers do well at first, and then they begin to wilt, or get stagnate. You can avoid that problem by planting flowers that love full sun and are heat tolerant.


The Coleus is part of the mint family. They are tropical plants that can be planted in areas with full sun, areas that have shade, and every combination of sun and shade.

The foliage of these plants is as pretty as the blooms. The leaves may be ruffled on the edges, and they co9me in a host of beautiful color combinations.

The entire plant only grows to be a few inches tall so it can be used to fill in bare spots in your flower beds, or planted as ground cover, or in the front of the bed.

To make the plant grow into a fuller, bushier plant you simply prune the flower blooms off before they open up.


SunPatiens are beautiful flowers that need almost no special maintenance. The plants can be grown in full sun, partial shade, or total shade. To get the most blooms you want to plant them in full sun.

You only need to water these plants when the soil feels dry to the touch. Give them a slow release fertilizer when you plant them, and remember that they do poorly when they are exposed to frost.

Marigolds and Sunpatiens do well planted in the same bed. Salvia and Sunpatiens also do very well together.


These beautiful plants will grow to heights between 1 and 5 feet. They make an excellent plant for the back of the flower bed, or to use in a bed alone.

They start to bloom late in spring and they continue until the fall. They like areas where they receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight each day. Some varieties can tolerate a little shade, but mostly you want them to be in full sun.

Salvia is an excellent choice for pet owners because the plant is not poisonous to cats and dogs, horses or other common household pets.

Dwarf Alamanda

This plant blooms a buttery yellow flower, and the bush stays small. It is ideal for small spaces where you want an astonishing flower.

They grow to heights ranging between 2 and 2 ½ feet. They love sunshine so plant them in full sun when possible.

They are cold sensitive plants so they need the warm climate of Florida. They are however moderately drought tolerant.

You can use them in a container to decorate a patio or deck, and they thrive when you plant them in the ground. They can be planted as a border, a background plant, or as an eye catching showpiece.


This magnificent tropical flower can grow from one to three feet in height. They usually only reach three feet when they are planted outdoors, in pots they stay smaller.

They like the sun but do best when you plant them in a place that gets partial shade. They are very tolerant of low light situations. They love loamy soil with a pH that is acidic and runs between; 5.8 to 6.5

They bloom in a variety of colors and provide you with an amazing flowering display. They do like high humidity and they like water.

Final Thoughts

The number of annuals that you can find to plant in the Florida area is enormous. Professional lawn and garden services like Estate Landscaping are the best source of information concerning which plants grow well in your region, and they can tell you where in your garden to plant the different varieties. Contact Us.

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