Nothing feels better than taking a walk out your backdoor to a well lit patio for an evening drink with friends and family. Having a well lit outdoor space opens up another half of your day for hosting, playing with the kids or even just a nice area to get some evening work done. For this purpose we have gathered the top current trends that you can employ in your backyard space to lighten your night, and possibly even your mood.

Lanterns: Timeless Style

There is a reason lanterns are tried and true, they can illuminate your landscape an uncontroversial, aesthetically safe way. Recently designed materials have become more innovative, and their finish can create almost any look you wish. Nothing wrong with sticking with what has worked, continues to work, and stays trendy always.

Eco Friendly Lighting

It is not surprising that in 2020, home owners are looking for lighting that supports their eco-friendly lifestyle. At this moment, LED lighting is the go to. With expected life spans of up to 100,000 hours and incredible energy efficiency, they are a very attractive option. Solar Powered lights are also in at the moment, popularized by homeowners looking to efficiently employ natural resources in their favor.

Statement lights

In contrast to small lights, big, bold, feature lights are also en vogue. There are some incredible looks that can be created with white or colored orbs (also known as illuminated globes and glow balls.) For their relatively inexpensive cost, they provide quite amazingly sophisticated looks and can be quite the conversation starters.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights feature dainty lights or clusters, often on a string. They automatically add a sense of whim to any space, transforming your backyard into something out of a movie. If you’re looking for something a bit more distinctive than what you’d find in some pastoral wedding ceremony, look into coloured fairy lights. You could go with a soft pastel if you’re still looking for the delicacy and elegance of white lights. Alternatively, you could go with something bolder if you’re looking for some more intense, dramatic action.

Patio Lights: LED Step and Path Lights

These bright LED lights are usually tubes or short LED arrays that you can install around steps and garden paths. We find homeowners choosing these lights more regularly because they are a great safety feature and LED lights are particularly well-suited to these illumination tasks, with their small size and longevity.

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