There are few things more important to the environment than trees. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and act as a home for various creatures. However, they are equally as valuable to your landscape. Trees create privacy by blocking off your property from view and increasing property value as they mature. They are a sure sign of luxury and need to be taken care of like the amenity they are. While so many people overlook the care of their trees, services like fertilization, pruning, and watering are essential for long-term health. If you want your tree to grow and mature the right way, then you need a professional to maintain it. There are many reasons to hire an arborist for this care, but here are our five favorites.

Arborist (Palm Tree Pruning Services being done)

1. Safety First

Unlike many other aspects of landscaping, tree care has an added element of risk. If trees are large, you must get up high and take care of business, while simultaneously utilizing tools to get the job done. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, a certified arborist is going to be specially trained in managing this process, doing so in the safest way possible. Mitigate risk with their insurance and a lack of liability on your end.

2. Commercial Grade Equipment

On top of being unsafe, it can be a huge hassle to gather all of the necessary materials to take care of your trees. From lifts to electric clippers, an arborist at a reputable landscaping company like Estate is going to have access to all the proper machinery. On top of that when it comes to the selection of fertilizers and treatments, nobody is more qualified than an arborist to select the right one.

3. Property Inspection

While the arborist performs high-quality work on your trees, they will also be the best equipped to spot any potential issues. Trees are not immune to disease and pests, and these can actually be harder to recognize than plants. There are less obvious symptoms, and you must be trained to spot them. With your arborist taking care of your tree, he will catch these issues early and get you covered.

4. Quality of Work

If your tree is being pruned or trimmed, quality of work matters. It goes without saying that there is a noticeable quality difference when it comes to doing something DIY or having it performed by a professional. Tree pruning is an art, and there is a distinct methodology to the way it is done. Decayed foliage must be removed to make room for the new, and our ISA-certified arborist at Estate Landscaping is sure to get it done.

5. Premier Consultation

Beyond the work that your arborist does for you, they are also your best resource should you desire to install a new tree. They can help you select a variety and consult you on immediate maintenance needs. Acting as your partner in tree care, an arborist should always be consulted when it comes to taking care of your trees.

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