If you have a home in Florida that you occupy during the winter months, then before you leave to return to your other home in the summer you need to prepare your Florida property. If you are a year-round Florida resident then there are also things you should do around your property before full summer arrives.

Check the Outdoor Faucets

You want to check all of your outdoor water faucets and make certain that they are functioning properly. Leaks can cost you a lot of money, and faucets with handles that are sticking, or that have broken can cause you to be unable to water your plants, or access water when you need it.


Your flowers are about to be subjected to high temperatures and full sun that can pull the moisture away from them. Now is the time to make certain that you have a good layer of mulch around your flowers, trees, and shrubs.
When you water plants that have no mulch around them part of the water is drawn out of the soil by the sun. Your plants get very little moisture. Then the sun heats the soil and can burn the plants, especially the ones that have low moisture content in the soil.

Mulch provides protection from the sun, and it helps to hold the moisture in place. The sun can dry the top layer of mulch, but down close to the ground the mulch stays moist and your ground does too.

Prune Branches from Trees

You live in Florida so you know that hurricane season is fast approaching and even the winds from a mild tropical storm can cause limbs to be broken out of the trees. Now is the time for you to assess each of your trees and determine if any of their branches could possibly break during high winds. Make certain that any branches that could fall and damage your home or automobile are trimmed away.

Check around the bases of your trees and look for signs of ant or termite activity, and possible loose bark. The presence of these things is an indicator that the tree might be in poor health or might be compromised. A sick tree or a compromised tree is more likely to fall in the event of severe weather.

Check Sprinkler Systems

You will want to check your sprinkler system and make sure it is working properly. You do not want to be caught in the middle of summer with no sprinklers to maintain your yard and garden. You should also check water hoses for cracks or leaks.

Check for Bugs

You can check the proper for patches of brown or dying grass. These brown spots are indicators of possible bug damage and the bugs need to be dealt with now. You also want to check for ant hills so you can make sure that fire ants are not the death of your garden party this summer.

Final Thought

It is a good idea to call landscape professionals like Estate Landscaping and let them come and do a property assessment. They can tell you where you might have problems this summer, and they can help you decide how to prepare now to prevent those problems from occurring. Contact Us.

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