Florida is a great state to live in, known for low taxes and as a retirement destination, as well as a tourist hotspot. In part, this is due to the year-round tropical climate, which brings warm temperatures and no shortage of sunny days. However, another aspect of living in a tropical area is the potential for tropical storms to stir up trouble. Historically we have seen many hurricanes come through Florida, leaving damage all through their path. This leaves work to do for property owners across the state, picking up the pieces of their property. Knowing that this is a possibility, your best bet is to have a hurricane response plan, so you know how you will prepare, and pick up after a hurricane. At Estate we exclusively offer our customers a hurricane response service, which includes pre-authorized cleanup, as well as one on one communication with our account managers before and after the storm. Here is the importance of having a hurricane response plan for your Florida property.

pruning palm trees before hurricane

Advanced Preparation: Before the Storm

While it is important that part of your plan involves a trusted company to clean up your property after the storm, you can minimize the need by preparing on your own. When you hear about a potential tropical storm, it is always best practice to turn off irrigation systems and store all loose outdoor items indoors. These could be potted plants, tools, or furniture, all of which could go flying when winds reach extreme velocity. This is also when the importance of pruning comes into play, as ideally any damaged limbs on your plant material would already be removed, decreasing the risk they pose to your safety. When you receive a hurricane local statement, ensure you take these proper precautions.

Additionally, as a customer of Estate, you will be reached out to by an account manager from our team, who will discuss with you the specifics of your property, and how to prepare. It is also helpful to have signed the pre-authorization form, knowing that Estate will be out to clean up your property as soon as safely possible.

hurricane damage in front yard

After the Storm: Analysis and Cleanup

For any property owner, the most important part of the hurricane plan process is to get back on their feet as soon as possible. The time spent cleaning up is revenue lost, and the extension of present safety hazards. This is why Estate pre-authorizes our ability to come and clean up your property. You will receive a call from your account manager after the storm, where you should make note of any significant damage to your landscape. Safety hazards like downed power lines, trees, or flooding water should all be noted. As soon as this is complete, our team will be out to your property to get it professionally cleaned up and back to its original beauty. Leaving clean up to your in-house team, or to yourself is asking for trouble, as our team is experienced and safe. The quicker your property can get back to normal, the sooner life will get back to normal as well.

For more information on having an effective and timely hurricane response plan visit our Hurricane Authorization Page.

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