Every time summer rolls around, we encounter an uptick in questions about lawn care. This is of no surprise to us, as we know how important a healthy lawn is to everyone, from residential to commercial property owners. The first impression of your outdoor space, and thus your property, your lawn is indicative of the quality of your property. This means if you are a commercial property manager, you need a lush lawn to draw in new business. Likewise, a residential home may need to meet certain HOA standards, avoiding a brown or dead lawn. Although the Florida weather is fantastic, your lawn is not immune to disease and pests, or even just poor lawn care practices. In order to help you better maintain your lawn, here are some of the “do’s” and “don’ts” of lawn care in Florida.

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Do: Mow High and Mow Frequently

One characteristic of summer lawn care is an increase in the growth rate of your turf. This can lead to a common mistake of cutting your turf too short in an effort to reduce the number of times you need to mow. This is actually unhealthy for your turf and can leave it in a fragile position to be taken advantage of by disease and pests. Cutting your turf more frequently at a higher setting allows your turf to stay healthy, never having to completely restart growth. It will also promote the development of a deep root system, which will greatly improve long-term health.

Don’t: Forget to Irrigate (Efficiently)

In order to survive the summer heat, your lawn needs to be watered. While hand watering early in the morning is a best practice, it is not the most effective way to water your lawn. On larger commercial properties, an immense amount of water is required to irrigate their vast lawns. The only way to disperse water in an optimal manner is with a smart irrigation system. These systems are high-tech, automated, and actively take into account local weather conditions to irrigate more efficiently. Coverage can also be managed, ensuring that only your turf is being irrigated, and no water is being wasted on hardscapes. Irrigation systems save you time and money, and our team at Estate is certified in the installation and maintenance of many.

Do: Add Fertilization to your Routine Maintenance

It is no secret that every lawn grows through the use of nutrients. Oftentimes these nutrients are not found naturally in large enough quantities to satisfy your turf, so artificial addition is never a bad idea. Most lawn fertilizers contain a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, each of which individually contributes to the overall health of the lawn. Nitrogen for greener turf, while phosphorus and potassium focus on long-term root development and energy storage. At Estate we use custom, slow-release blends for maximum efficiency, so figure this into your lawn maintenance for maximum benefit.

Don’t: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Although it can be tempting to take matters into your own hands to cut costs, you should use a lawn care company for the best possible results. Lawn care is a culmination of multiple services and comprehensive care, and when performed by the certified technicians at Estate Landscaping, you can be confident it will be done right. Don’t leave your lawn up to chance, and attract more business to your commercial property when you use a commercial landscaping company like Estate to manage your property.

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