Here we are again. Another year of managing your landscape, and providing much-needed maintenance. If you are a property manager or homeowner you have to ensure that your property is in the best position possible to attract clientele or a potential buyer. It goes without saying that a big part of this process is ensuring that the landscape of your property is in pristine condition. This requires a combination of new installations, which we refer to as enhancements, and maintenance, which is the general upkeep of the property. In combination with one another, these two services work to keep your property fresh, especially when work is done in light of recent trends and data-driven decisions about what your clients want in their outdoor space. With 2023 underway, here are a few ways you can start the new year fresh.

Do You Have a Full-Service Landscaper?Start The New Year Fresh

First things first, moving into 2023 you need to be working with a full-service landscaping company. We know how busy you are, and there is no need to juggle multiple contractors for different services. This is an extreme hassle, and the quality of work will fluctuate depending on the contractor you work with. The better idea is to work with a full-service landscape company like Estate that can provide every service you need, both commercial and residential. These include lawn care, landscape maintenance, landscape installations, irrigation, and even tree care. Our team is full of certified and experienced specialists who will ensure that every category of work is done well above industry standards.

Aesthetic Upgrade: Water Features

As we mentioned in the introduction, landscape enhancements are one part of the yin-yang relationship that keeps your landscape competitive. These active upgrades are necessary to retain an interest in the property from prospective tenants and to keep current tenants from looking elsewhere. One amenity in Florida that offers benefits year-round due to the warm temperatures, is water features. Fountains are an example and can be a great centerpiece of a courtyard, entrance, or patio. Ponds are also great, as they can be enhanced with plant material and rock installations as well. 

Need Privacy? Use Trees and Shrubs

If you have ever taken a drive in a “luxury” area, you are sure to have seen privacy landscaping. This is the use of natural plant materials like trees and shrubs to block views of the property from the outside. Being a fairly simple concept, there is actually no reason that you cannot utilize this same idea on your own property. Even if it is only certain areas of the property that you want to protect, trees and shrubs can be installed, only gaining value as they grow. 

Lighting for Nighttime Activities

Another great way to freshen up your landscape is with lighting. Illumination of the beauty at all hours will only add to the allure of the property for everyone. Not to mention that with landscape lighting you can host events and spend time outdoors even once the sun has gone down. In this climate, summer nights are gorgeous. 

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