Every spring, landscapers, commercial property owners and homeowners alike scramble to take advantage of the warming spring weather, and prepare for the summer. Luckily, with the Florida heat, we don’t need to be in such a rush, but there are some pretty fundamental landscaping services everyone needs to use this spring. Whether it’s dealing with the bare, matted spots on your lawn, or the accelerated growth you will begin to see, there are a variety of best practices. When it comes to these necessary services, there is no need to worry, we have gathered them right here for you, to make sure you stay informed on the best ways to take care of your Florida landscape this spring.


After the cold season, your grass will be looking for some fertilization come early spring. Fertilizer is an easy way to provide your lawn the nutrients it needs, that it can’t come across naturally. At Estate Landscaping, we have and use custom blended fertilizer for each specific property that we service. We use commercial grade fertilizer, with programs that include all the most common Florida grasses. When it comes to getting your lawn fertilized, the professionals at Estate are your best resource.


Living in sub-tropical Florida, irrigation is a necessity year round. Getting an irrigation check never hurts, as with heavier rainfall in the spring, there are typically consumption adjustments that must be made. Looking to prevent future issues is always a great benefit, heading off maintenance.

Weed Control

Though many weeds can look harmless, they are a menace to the health of your lawn. If you own a commercial property, or are checking out the entrance to an HOA, the last thing you want to see is weeds. At Estate Landscaping, we actively manage weeds and disease with pre-emergents and post-emergents, properly monitored by our certified horticulturists. Don’t hesitate, as you don’t want weeds to take over your perfectly manicured Florida lawn.


As growth accelerates, mowing may become more of a chore, and you may want to pass it off to a consistent provider. On the other hand you could be a commercial property owner looking to make a change to the quality of your large lawn. Either way, if you want experienced, consistent, and high quality lawn care there is only one way to go, Estate. We use commercial grade equipment, and maintain sharp blades for a clean cut appearance.

If you’re interested in discussing any of these spring landscaping services, contact us. For more information on how Estate Landscaping can take care of your landscaping needs, give us a call at (239) 498-1187, or Contact Us.

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