As with the maintenance of any well groomed landscape, irrigation is an integral part. Especially in the tropical climate we experience here in Florida, ensuring that your lawn receives the proper amount of watering through the summer heat is vital. However, along with the heat a tropical climate brings, also comes the rain. Oftentimes, the rain and the heat can crossover, creating a very humid climate during the rainy season. This leads to questions regarding proper watering practices during the season to ensure you do not overwater, or underwater your lawn. Both of these mistakes can lead to death and decay, the last thing we want to deal with on your Florida property. Luckily, the true solution to this issue lies in your maintenance practices, and we have all the proper procedures for you right here.

Have your System Inspected

One of the most common issues with your irrigation during the rainy season is to encounter unrealized problems with your system, simply because you have not had it checked. A broken valve, or a timer that doesn’t quite work, can make the difference between over and underwatering. The process of getting these issues fixed can often take time, and that time can have dire consequences on the health of your lawn. All of this can be avoided by having the professionals at Estate, send out one of our certified irrigation technicians to inspect your irrigation system. 

Change your Irrigation Schedule

Your green material only needs about an inch of water per week to get deep into your soil, and most rainstorms are going to easily clear that mark. You will need to track the weather, knowing when and where rain is coming, in order to properly irrigate. There is one way to avoid this tedious chore, which leads to our next topic.

Install a Rain Shut Off Device

If you want to avoid the annoyance of constant tracking of local weather reports to determine how much rain your lawn has received, you can consider installing a rain shut off device, that will automatically determine when your lawn has received enough water, and will shut off your irrigation system accordingly. Not only does this save you time, it conserves water, which is something that Lee County has a large focus on. If you want to go with a little lower investment, you could also use a rain gauge, that will help you manually see how much rain has fallen.

Monthly Wet Checks

If you want to ensure that you are using the proper amount of water all rainy season, having Estate perform monthly wet checks is a sure fire way to know. If you have a more expansive irrigation system, making these adjustments may not be second nature, so leaving it to our trained professionals is probably your best bet. We will consider a variety of factors, and ensure that water coverage is optimal. Estate is certified and trained for use in Toro, Hunter & Rainbird irrigation systems and an EPA WaterSense member. Whether we have to move heads, or clean your nozzles, we have you covered. 

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