When you are choosing a lawn care and landscaping company, you want to understand exactly what you’re getting for your investment. Both regular lawn care and lawn maintenance tasks are required to help keep your property beautiful and thriving. But you might be wondering what these two service terms actually mean. While they often get mistakenly used interchangeably, they are actually two separate service groupings.

Let’s take a look at what lawn care and lawn maintenance mean—and talk about what you might need to help keep your property looking its best.

What is Lawn Care?

Lawn care typically refers to the practice of maintaining the health, color, and vitality of a lawn. At Estate Landscaping and Lawn Management, we consider lawn care services to include agronomy, fertilization, pest and disease management.

All of these services are important. You’ve invested time and money into having lush, green turf and it is these services that are going to be invaluable in protecting that investment. The truth is a problem like a disease, or a pest can arise unexpectedly and start to wreak havoc. But it is a lawn care program that is going to help keep your lawn in good health.

What is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance is a little bit different. Lawn maintenance encompasses the services that help keep your lawn and property looking clean and manicured. Some of the key lawn maintenance services performed by Estate include mowing, string trimming, edging, trimming, pruning and blowing.

These might seem like simple services but it’s really important that they’re performed properly. A lot of people don’t realize that lawn maintenance can really impact lawn care—particularly if a service is performed poorly.

For instance, if your turf is suddenly yellowing, you might be inclined to think there’s a problem with your lawn care program. However, people are surprised to learn that improper mowing can cause these problems, too. One of the biggest mowing mistakes that is made is mowing the lawn too short. Although people appreciate a short lawn, it’s actually much healthier for your lawn to be “mowed tall.” That’s because an extreme mow can put a lot of stress on your lawn—and the more grass you cut off, the more stressed your lawn will be. This stress is one reason a lawn may be turning yellow. Ultimately, you’re weakening your lawn’s health.

What is Landscape Management?

Now that you understand the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance, there’s a third term that we’d also like you to know and that’s landscape management.

Lawn management is the combination of lawn care and lawn maintenance—and is what Estate Landscaping and Lawn Management recommends. It’s obviously part of our name!

The truth is, there are a lot of “mow, blow, and go” type of companies here in Florida. A common problem that we see is when a property manager hires one company to do its lawn care and another to do its lawn maintenance—and then issues begin to arise. The lawn care company blames it on the mowers cutting the grass too short and the mowers blame it on the lawn care company for making mistakes with their fertilization program.

In reality, it can be difficult to determine who’s at fault or what changes really need to be made—particularly when there are two separate companies potentially making different cultural recommendations.

That’s why it makes sense to have all of these services performed by a singular company who can truly do it all with a lawn management program.

We take both set of services quite seriously and use experienced Certified Florida Horticulturists to oversee all of the work that’s performed. Our team of experts also includes Florida Certified Pest Control Operators (CPCOs), landscape designers, arborists, and irrigation specialists—so we can not only handle your lawn but your landscaping needs, too.

Our clients like that they have access to a team of experts, all under one roof. It means that they’re getting the impressive results that they desire. At the end of the day, when you’re investing in your property, you deserve to know it’s in good hands.

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