Picture this; you walk out into your backyard and see an unkempt, unsightly area that you do not want to spend time in. You think to yourself “I should hire a landscape company to help me turn this place around.” However, if you aren’t experienced in working with landscape companies, this may be a tall ask, and you may get lost in the process. We want you to be amply prepared as you look around for the right landscaper, whether it be for your home, HOA or commercial property. These red flags can help you cross out companies off your list that exhibit qualities we know you do not want to deal with.

1.) Poor Communication

When a landscape company cares about your business, they will show you, or at least have a system in place to prevent you from being lost in the horde. If you get the sense that this company will be difficult to reach, or does not respond quickly from the get-go, you have to wonder how easy they will be to work with, knee deep in a project. Not only is this unprofessional, it can be detrimental to any design-build, maintenance or general landscaping project.

2.) Company Size

If you are looking for a small home project, a national landscape firm may not be the choice for you, dealing with multi-million dollar contracts, you may get lost in the shuffle. The same can be said for too small, as a HOA, you wouldn’t want to engage with a company too small to meet the needs of your relatively large property. You want to choose a company that is just the right size to fit your needs.

3.) Employee Turnover

Any company that cannot keep its own employees on long term, is typically not going to be a high quality company worth working with. Important to any landscaping project is a cohesive team that you feel comfortable working with, and a revolving door of employees certainly doesn’t foster comfort. This company may just be hiring anyone with a pair of legs and arms.

4.) Lack of Reviews or Testimonials

If when looking for a landscaping company, you can’t find reviews on their website, google my business or frankly anywhere else, that may be a red flag. Any experienced company is inevitably going to have feedback somewhere, and a lack of it may indicate severe inexperience. Bad testimonials and reviews can also be another obvious sign of poor workmanship and possibly a bad company to work with.

5.) Lack of Educational Content

Estate Landscaping cares about the community. Whether you choose us or someone else to meet your landscaping needs, we want you to at least be educated in your decision making process. We want you to make good choices, leading to even better results.

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