On an industrial facility property, beautiful landscaping may not be the number one priority you think of when it comes to managing said property. However, industrial properties are also workplaces, and it is well studied that workers perform better, in nicer work environments. Good landscaping also gives off a great impression to those who view your property, representing what you stand for. Luckily, aesthetic benefits are not the only ones you can get out of improved landscaping. You can enhance your property with a wide variety of installations, focused on functionality and safety. Safety is so important on industrial properties, so we wanted to show you a few of the ways you can utilize landscaping enhancements to improve the safety of your property.

Landscape Lighting

This one is pretty self explanatory, as a well lit property is always more safe. Not only does it generally deter crime, it especially prevents the crimes most commonly seen on industrial properties. A well lit property is unlikely to be trespassed on and theft becomes more difficult. On top of these functional benefits, adding floodlights, walkway lighting, or any type of outdoor light makes your property look better. You can use them to make the other parts of your property look and feel nicer, highlighting your other landscaping activities. 

Privacy Landscaping

In the same vein, utilizing the installation of shrubs and trees on your industrial property can make your landscape seem more secure. Mature shrubs and trees increase property value, as well as keep your internal activities internal. Looking great from the outside, but providing privacy from the inside. The beauty here is the functionality, but it also allows you to have creative freedom, choosing blooms that are appealing to you. 

Routine Maintenance to Prevent Overgrowth

Now, when installing plants, shrubs, and trees, in order to increase privacy and safety, you are going to implement them in a well thought out way, so that when they grow, they provide optimal benefits. One problem that can arise is overgrowth. Too much privacy can lead to a perception that the property is unkempt, or run down. That makes it a prime target for theft. Essentially, you need to keep up on your regular pruning practices, to keep your landscape looking sharp. A property that looks like it is well taken care of, will never be an easy target. 

Arbor Care to Increase Safety

While trees are so prevalent on every property, they also pose a large safety risk. Trees that take on disease, or begin to decay, pose a risk of limbs falling off. This is a recipe for disaster, and a dead tree falling over all the way during a tropical storm can be obviously hazardous. You can mitigate this risk simply by having your trees routinely inspected, and managed by tree care professionals, such as those at Estate Landscaping.

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