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Pest Control: 3 most important practices to control insects.

Cinch bugs, Mealy bugs, Scale and Grubs are just a few examples of problem insects that can damage and kill your plants and lawn here in Southwest Florida. By proactively controlling the problem insect population in your landscaping, you can prevent aggravation and save money. Below are three proven methods to prevent nuisance insect outbreaks and damage to your landscaping:

Promote Healthy Landscaping

Healthy lawns and landscaping are the best defense against unwanted insects. For example, providing the appropriate amount of fertilizer, water, and sunlight for your turf and plants will promote healthy root systems that deter insects such as chinch bugs from destroying your lawn. Chinch bugs feed on the roots of turf grass.  However, they are rarely found in healthy grass with a strong root system. Keeping your plants and turf healthy is the best defense against unwanted insects.


Correctly Identify Insects During Spot Checks

Your Estate landscape team is constantly on the look out for any indications of insect damage to your landscaping.  The insect(s) that  have caused the damage are identified and controlled with organic or chemical insecticides.  Frequent property inspections are a great idea since insect populations can spread rapidly if not caught quickly .  More importantly however is correctly identifying the problem that you are having with your landscaping and  the insect responsible.


Use the Right Control Method

Insecticides can be expensive and over use of some insecticides can cause insects to build up resistance.  In some cases, beneficial insects such as ladybugs will provide effective treatment of aphids without resorting to use of chemicals. Only after correctly identifying the  problem insects in your landscaping, can a treatment program be implemented. For example, insecticide used to treat chinch bugs is not effective on grubs.  Before applying expensive control treatments it is necessary to know what insects need to be controlled so that time and money are not wasted treating the wrong insect.


If you are thinking about installing a new plant or tree, please consult with your Account Manager at Estate Landscaping. There are several plants and trees that may be susceptible to insect and disease problems. Your Account Manager will be able to advise you on a landscape design that is most resistant to problem insects.

Estate’s Certified Pest Control Operators will be able to spot check your property and correctly identify and treat problem insects. Please call Estate today if you would like and evaluation of your landscaping.


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