Moving into the spring of 2023, you are probably beginning to consider some enhancements for your landscape if you have not already. Every season this time of year the pressure is on for commercial property managers to ramp up their efforts, and do something new and exciting for their tenants. There are many factors to consider, from cost to functionality. In terms of options, they are endless. Landscape enhancements can be green, with the installation of a new tree or shrub. They can also be gray with the installation of a new patio or retaining wall. Today we will present the benefits of an alternative you may not have thought of. Use outdoor landscape lighting to illuminate the night. 

Tenants Appreciate the Improved Safety

As we said in the introduction, functionality is a prime consideration for landscape enhancements on commercial properties. You want enhancements that provide a real-life benefit and use case for those on the property. Outdoor lighting does just that by lighting up an otherwise dark area. If your property is being used at night like most commercial properties are, the illumination makes tenants feel safer. This is based on the statistical fact that criminal activity is largely deterred by lighting. Those who are looking to trespass or steal are going to steer towards a dark property where they cannot be seen. Additionally, walkways will now be easier to traverse, with less risk of a trip and fall.

Illuminate The Night

Show Off the Landscape at All Hours

In the world of landscaping, it is often hard to find an enhancement that is both aesthetic and functional. Lighting is one of those enhancements that checks both boxes, and for good reason. Not only is safety enhanced, but so are all of our other enhancements. Without lighting that beautiful plant bed and gorgeous concrete patio remain staples of the daytime hours. When you add lighting, you can now benefit from improved curb appeal at night. In this day and age, you can never be sure of people’s schedules, as many deviate from the typical 9 am to 5 pm timeframe. Now, you can account for all of your tenants at all hours.

Illuminate The Night

Utilize Landscape for Hosting Night Events

Back to functionality, many commercial properties can generate revenue by hosting events. This is especially true for convention centers and office parks, and sometimes common areas are used in-house for internal events. Adding lighting extends the use of these areas into the night, which tenants will appreciate. It might even make some prospective tenants more likely to sign a lease. So, do not let darkness ruin the nighttime fun, but illuminate the night with lights.

Increase Property Value

When you add landscape or outdoor lighting you are adding a permanent fixture to the property. These lights from Estate will be durable and long-lasting. Because of this, they will raise the property value for all of the aforementioned reasons when a potential buyer comes around.

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