As soon as June 1st hits, Florida residents know it is hurricane season. Hurricanes can be scary, threatening your safety, home, and livelihood. As important as these things all are, we are a landscaping company, and just a tad biased. Thus, we are a little more focused on helping you protect your landscape, come that next big hurricane. With so many little nuances, we wanted to put together an all in one guide on hurricane season preparation. You will need to take preventative steps now, to minimize the potential damage should that storm hit. We live by the motto “better safe than sorry”, and when it comes to your landscape that we know you have put so many hours into, you should too.

Inspect your Large Plant Material (Trees and Shrubs)

The first thing that will happen when a raging storm comes in, with strong winds, is dead branches flying off your trees and shrubs. You can prevent this by engaging in some routine pruning and inspecting all your trees and shrubs for said decay. If the overall tree itself is very unhealthy, consider removing it, as it could fall over completely during a strong hurricane. Remember, do not remove any healthy material, as that is the gel keeping your plant material strong and upright.

Inspect Drainage Areas

Flooding is a big issue during hurricane season, and even in severe rainstorms. You want to make sure any and all debris is removed from storm drains to allow the drainage to do its job, and let the storm water flow through. We all know why standing water is bad for your property, and a flooded landscape is the last thing you want.

Remove Loose Yard Decorations and Tools

It is pretty easy to identify those things that would easily fly away in the midst of a storm, from yard signs to trash cans to toys. Additionally, you wouldn’t want any of your expensive landscaping tools to be lost or damaged, so make sure in the event of a hurricane watch, they find the shed, basement or any other safe location.

Turn off Irrigation Systems

In the event of a large storm you are inevitably going to see a significant amount of water in your lawn, so you are definitely not going to need any irrigation. Overwatering can hurt plant roots, and over saturated soil is a prime opportunity for plant material to come loose.

Stay Informed, and Hire a Professional

Making sure your weather alerts are on and you stay up to date with the news, is very important to making sure you are prepared in the event of a hurricane. Additionally, having a landscaper like Estate on your retainer for emergency hurricane services, can be a big help should that hurricane come. We utilize a hurricane pre authorization form, enabling our current clients to authorize us to immediately come in the event of a hurricane, assess damage and remedy it. You can find the form below.

Hurricane Clean-up Authorization Form 2021

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