A few steps taken before a hurricane or major storm hits can prevent costly damage to you. Hurricane Preparedness: 3 most important Landscaping preparations for hurricanes for landscaping, home and personal property. Please pass this information to your neighbors since their landscaping can cause damage to your personal property!

Prune Hardwoods and Palms

When it comes to Hurricane Preparedness opening the canopy of a hardwood tree allows the wind to move through the tree, reducing the chance of the tree collapsing in high winds. Oaks are known for falling over in strong winds since their root system is more vertical than horizontal and our loose, sandy soil here in Southwest Florida does not provide a lot of support for mature hardwoods. Trimming coconuts and seed pods off of palms is recommended so they do not become projectiles in high winds.

Turn Irrigation Off

Turning our irrigation off at the mainline is a good idea before a hurricane hits. In addition to wasting water and money, a broken line during a hurricane will cause flooding which could damage your landscaping.

Hurricane Preparedness: Move All Loose Objects Inside

Garden gnomes, pink flamingos, flags and outdoor furniture should be brought inside before a hurricane or major storm. Even lightweight items can cause damage to your home and/or landscaping when they are blown at over 100 mph.

Following these steps will reduce the risk of damage to your landscaping and home. However, there may still be damage left after a storm and Estate’s Hurricane Crisis Response will help in quickly returning your property back to normal quickly.

Estate’s local branches enable you to receive First Response status after the storm. Our automatic approval process simplifies decision making for you. Our hurricane ready fleet delivers the right equipment to your site and our emergency dispatch system keeps you up to date on scheduled operations.

For more information on preparing your landscaping for a hurricane or Estate’s Hurricane Crisis response procedures, please consult with your Account Manager with Estate Landscaping, or Contact Us.

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