As a full-service landscaping company that manages properties of all shapes and sizes, not to mention both commercial and residential, we are keenly aware of how many pieces of your landscape must be maintained. From lawn to plant material, you also have to consider enhancements like hardscapes and irrigation. In Florida, one of the most important considerations is the maintenance of your trees. The palm tree is the state tree of Florida, and there is no shortage across the state. It is not unlikely that you have a few on your property, and they likely provide both beauty and shade. Keeping them healthy is a must, so in this blog, we will discuss how to properly care for your palm tree.

Palm Tree Pruning Services being done

Soil: Nutrient Addition

Just like every other piece of plant material, your palm tree needs nutrients to survive. The best way to add nutrients to the soil where the roots of your palm trees can retrieve them is through fertilization. Application of fertilizer feeds your roots over time, promoting healthy growth. Palms are typically nutrient deficient in manganese, iron, and zinc, which is wildly different from other trees. Organic compost or pine bark at the base of the tree is a good way to make up this difference.

Best Watering Practices

Although palm trees are one of the most low-maintenance and hardy trees in the Florida area due to their acclimation to the local climate, they still need some water after their installation. A best practice is a couple of times a week for the first 6 months, where you want moisture to penetrate another couple of feet into the soil. Once established, watering twice a month during the summer, and once every six weeks or so in the off-season should get you by. Paying attention to the local climate and rainfall numbers will give you a better gauge.

Pruning and Trimming

Palm trees grow wonderfully in the Florida climate, but they can get out of control if you let them. This is why you need to routinely trim your palm trees, ridding them of unnecessary foliage that has experienced decay or died. Pruning also stimulates new and healthy growth and allows you to shape the tree into a more uniform look. Growth can be kept away from structures, and you keep your property safer when there’s no risk of falling foliage.

Professional Palm Tree Care

It is a certainty that you will need maintenance performed on your palm tree if you hope for it to look great. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, you should utilize the arbor care services of Estate Landscaping. Our team is full of certified arborists, who can provide superior quality of work, on top of utilizing best safety practices. Rather than put yourself or your palm tree at risk, give us a call at Estate Landscaping, and let us take care of your palm.

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