Fortunately for Florida residents, landscaping during the warmer months is pretty straightforward, with a defined set of landscaping activities to keep your property well maintained. However, for those competitive properties, whether it be resorts or prestigious HOA’s, it can be difficult to find unique ways to set your property apart. When many properties in the same area are vying for attention, looking to attract new tenants, residents, and visitors, landscaping is about more than maintenance. Your goal during the cool season that is upon us, should be to keep your landscape fresh and upbeat. It is easier said than done, but our team at Estate has gathered a few ways you can maintain a fresh landscape in the cool season.

palm trees at night

Planting: Get Creative

Many property owners do not want to fully engage in the strenuous changes required to completely revamp planting efforts. Luckily for them, there are more than a few ways to keep the consistent color, without breaking the bank or your back. There are many cool-season annuals to choose from, and a great way to present them is within containers. You can find containers in all shapes and sizes, from modern to classic looks. These containers can be tailored to fit the style of your property, while simultaneously providing color in places not previously possible. Avoid the hassle, and stay fresh with color in containers.

Redefine Loose Natural Edging

One quality shared by sharp properties is clearly defined natural edges between pieces of the landscape. As with anything else, it is always good to ensure that lines, structure, and symmetry are taken into account when thinking about how a landscape looks and feels. Going through and ensuring that natural edges are clear, and not overgrown, can increase curb appeal. Additionally, if you feel natural edging is not enough, installing hardscaped edging is another great route to take.

Palm Tree Pruning Services being donePrune Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

In the same vein as maintaining a sharp landscaping look, the cool season is a great time to ensure that there is no dead or decaying foliage present on your plant material. These can be significant eyesores, and it is best to avoid them. This is a service that is best performed by professionals, as a small screw-up can be detrimental to the long-term health of your plant material. Pruning and trimming also ensure future growth is healthy, which will contribute to a freshened landscape look. With the weather sitting around perfect temperatures, now is the perfect time to contact Estate, and see how our pruning teams can assist you on your property.

Upgrade Irrigation with Smart Technology

In the cooler weather, less irrigation is needed. One of the most important parts of your landscape to keep fresh is the turf, and thus the lawn. The first impression of your landscape for most, it is important that it receives all necessary nutrients, including water. Your current system may do the job, but requires intensive maintenance and manual inputs. Additionally, many commercial properties are over water, and not even in the right places. This can be combated with the use of smart technology and automation, where data and analytics are used to provide the most efficient watering. A smart irrigation system installed by Estate will ensure proper coverage, and water usage, saving you money and bettering the look of your landscape.

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