The end of the rainy season here in Southwest Florida was marked by the driest October on record. Over the next 6-7 months your irrigation system and the durability of your landscaping will be put to the test. Now is the time to take steps in order to ensure that you preserve the health of your landscaping during the dry season: When it comes to a drought here are important irrigation topics.

Know When You Can Water.

Drought conditions combined with county water restrictions make it very important to use the maximum amount of water allowed effectively. There are different restrictions for Collier and Lee Counties and these restrictions may change.

Perform An Irrigation Audit.

Estate Landscaping’s Irrigation Audit is a thorough evaluation of your irrigation system to determine how effectively water is being used and ideas on how to improve your system. Some simple improvements include raising sprinkler heads above plant material for proper coverage and adjusting the spray radius of irrigation heads to minimize overspray of streets and driveways. Other recommendations made during an irrigation audit may be to upgrade the current system with new technology such as low volume MP sprinkler heads that have a lower application rate and can prevent water runoff and Smart Timers that automatically adjust the sprinklers every day based on weather.

Use Drought Resistant Plants.

One way to deal with drought conditions is to integrate drought-resistant plants. This does not necessarily mean using cacti and succulents. There are many native plants that are tolerant of the wet and dry seasons of Southwest Florida. Native plants are generally more durable and are more likely to survive hot/cold and wet/dry weather. This means that you will be less likely to spend money on replacing native plant material. Some popular drought-resistant plants include the Firebush, Cocoplum and Buttonwood. Your Account Manager with Estate Landscaping will be able to help you incorporate native and drought-resistant plants into your landscape design.

With Estate’s Irrigation Management program, you can be assured that your irrigation water is being used efficiently and effectively. Our irrigation audits will not only ensure that your turf and shrubs receive the appropriate amount of water but in many cases save our customers money by reducing the water bill. Estate’s Account Managers are Florida Certified Horticulturists and can recommend a landscape design with drought-resistant plants. Please call Estate today if you would like more information on our Irrigation Management program, Irrigation Audits, or suggestions on drought-resistant plants. Click on the links below to learn more about your local water restrictions:

For Lee County Water Restrictions click here:

For Collier County Water Restrictions click here:

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