The tips below will help prevent plant loss due to freeze damage and expensive plant replacement.


Freeze cloth can be used to protect annual flowers and tropical plants susceptible to cold damage. If possible, take any delicate or tropical plants indoors when freeze warnings are issued. It is important to buy freeze cloth before freezing weather arrives since supplies run out fast once freezing weather is reported. If you do not have freeze cloth, you may use sheets, but do not use plastic!


After seeing farmers turning on their irrigation to protect their citrus crop during freezing conditions, you may be tempted to do the same. Farmers continuously run their irrigation all night on their commercial crops so that the water freezes and creates a temperature barrier of 32 degrees. However, this is not healthy for plants in your landscaping and may kill them.


Having fuller, natural looking plants will help them recover from freezing conditions. Each time pruning is performed, it results in the plant expending energy to grow back. Instead of growing back, your plants will be using energy to recover from freeze damage. In the Spring, Estate will evaluate our clients’ plant material for freeze damage and perform a rejuvenation cut back to promote new growth.

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