As a member of an HOA board or owner of a large commercial property that oversees property maintenance for one of the many respected properties in the area, you have a lot of factors to consider when choosing a company to maintain your property. You must understand the ins and outs of each company vying for your business, and make sure you are well versed in the services and qualities that you are looking for. Many companies will attempt to incentivize you with extremely low prices or promises that sound too good to be true. However, these will often come short, as we so often work with clients who switch to us after a bad experience with another landscape maintenance company. With our wealth of experience, we wanted to share with you the things you should look for when choosing the best maintenance company for your property.Guy doing Landscape Maintenance

Understand Scope of Work of Landscape Maintenance

The first thing you must do is quickly separate out those landscaping companies that are and are not capable of performing the work needed on your property. A large commercial property is going to need a full breadth of services, such as lawn maintenance, Pest Control/Fertilization, Irrigation, Arbor, and Landscape Installations. Small, new, or residentially focused landscaping companies will generally not be able to provide all these specialty services, not possessing the knowledge, manpower, or equipment necessary. At Estate, we provide every service you would need on your property, so you do not have to shop around for different vendors. There is no finger-pointing when you use our full-service company.


Communication is key, and you should find a landscaping company that dedicates Account Managers, with easy points of contact, who you can reach about any problem. Similarly, dates and times of services should be clearly understood and communicated and show up on time. At Estate, this is exactly what we do, ensuring that there is always a member of our team dedicated to your account, who you can reach out to at any time. Additionally, our office staff, portal system, and website are additional communication methods that get to your Account Manager for fast response.


One of the most common problems faced by commercial property owners, managers, and HOA’s is unreliable landscaping companies, which are hard to reach. These types of problems can often result in poor quality, customer complaints, and a decline in landscape and property values.

Team and Certifications:

An important quality that sets us apart from the pack is the experience and knowledge of our staff members. For each service that we provide, our technicians are not only trained on all best practices but organizationally certified. Our pest control operators, our irrigation technicians, and our horticulturists are all certified by the state of Florida in their individual capacity. With Estate, you do not get a jack of all trades, attempting to figure out how to do what you ask, but an experienced professional well versed in their trade.Clean and Stylish Landscape

History and Reviews of the Landscape Maintenance Company

Generally, there is a reason why landscaping companies are around for a while because they do good work. Make sure you are looking around online and reading reviews, to get an idea of the quality of work said company performs. Every company will have complaints and problems, but that is less important than how quick and easy they are when resolving the issues. Estate holds a 4-star rating on Google, with numerous reviews, and when we receive complaints, we work twice as hard to resolve them.

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