It is hard to overstate the importance of your lawn, no matter the property type. The health of your turf is the first impression gathered by anyone who views your landscape. For commercial properties hoping to attract new Florida tenants, or resorts looking for tourists, a lush lawn is not only a commodity but a necessity. To even remain competitive, it is standard that your lawn is freshly cut, green, and healthy. There are many services that contribute to healthy turf, adding much-needed nutrients. In the Florida heat, we would argue that the most important nutrient to get to your turf, is water. Summer in Florida is no joke and brings along with its drought and disease. Finding the most efficient way to disperse water through your lawn is vital, which is why we so adamantly recommend the use of an irrigation system. This is tough to do on your own, which is why we are covering the benefits of hiring a professional irrigation company.

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Irrigation Systems Save you Money

If you are considering working with a professional irrigation company, it is likely that you do not have an irrigation system installed, or it is outdated. Many commercial properties find themselves overwatering their property year after year. It is easy to do in the Florida climate, with improper coverage, and overcompensation. Your best guesswork will never be as accurate as a high-tech irrigation system, making calculations based on weather data, and automation. When your landscape is watered at the optimal amount, more money will be back in your pocket to invest elsewhere in your landscape.

Active Maintenance Ensures Continued Coverage

Installation of an irrigation system is a great first step, but someone must maintain it to ensure that it continues to perform. Our irrigation technicians at Estate are certified in Toro, Hunter, and Rainbird irrigation systems, and we are also an EPA WaterSense member. Actively managing the settings of your controller, and checking water coverage will keep your plants and turf receiving the right amount of water. Routine monthly irrigation checks will catch repairs, and prevent overwatering, disease, and costly sod replacement. Cleaning nozzles and moving heads, and keeping your irrigation maintenance in-house streamlines the process.

Improved Lawn and Plant Health

Compared to hand watering, or an outdated sprinkler system, a modern irrigation system will disperse water more efficiently. With your plant material now receiving the right amount of water, healthy growth will lead to a long-term improvement in bloom and color. This improvement in lawn and plant health will make for better-looking material, as well as a reduction in weed growth. Working with an irrigation company like Estate can both save you money, and improve your landscape. It sure does sound like a no-brainer.

Spend Less Time Working on your Landscape

If you have not had an irrigation system installed already, it is fair to say you have spent your valuable time managing the watering of your landscape. With the technological capabilities of modern irrigation systems, combined with active management and maintenance by Estate, you can cut this time to zero. Reducing your stress levels, you will now have time to manage other pieces of your property. Leave irrigation management to our certified Estate team, and let technology take care of watering your property.

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