There are some landscaping maintenance activities that are unavoidable. These essential services must be performed, or you risk negative ramifications for the aesthetic and health of your landscape. This is especially true for lawn care, as Florida is lucky enough to possess a plethora of lawn predators. Disease, pests, and weeds will not wait around, they will strike the moment there is an opening. One of these lawn care services that must be done to prevent this from happening, is fertilization. This is the addition of nutrients to the soil, which are then used to stimulate both defense and growth. Any truly healthy lawn is routinely fertilized, but some property owners might not be familiar with the specifics, which is why we are going to go over how to use the right fertilizer for your lawn.

What is Lawn Fertilizer?

It is a completely fair question to ask what the ingredients of lawn fertilizer might be. As there are fertilizers that exist for everything in your landscape; turf, trees, and plants, you need to know what makes lawn fertilizer different. Most lawn fertilizers, and any worth purchasing, are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The dosage of these nutrients will be displayed on the packaging, in that particular order. Each of these nutrients works to better the health of your lawn. Nitrogen makes grass greener, while the latter two focus on root development and energy efficiency. In any case, these are the nutrients that will build up a strong defense to any potential predators.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Now that you know what makes up lawn fertilizer you probably want to know a little more about how these components actually work to benefit your lawn. By adding nutrients to your soil, you feed and thus enable the chemical processes that work within the turf to motivate new growth. Turf can typically acquire a good amount of these nutrients organically, but that is not a risk you should take. An excess of these nutrients will keep roots growing stronger, and improve your turf’s resistance to drought and heat. With these both being common in Florida, it is better to be prepared. Additionally, added nutrients will allow your lawn to more easily recover from wear and tear. At the end of the day, adding nutrients to your lawn will make it healthier, and thus greener. Everyone wants a better looking lawn, whether it be to impress a neighbor, or to increase property value.

Timing of Lawn Fertilization

As important as it is to fertilize, it is equally important to perform it at the right time. Stimulating new growth during the wrong time of the year can lead to unintended consequences, and possibly turf burn. Because of the warm Florida climate, this is less of an issue for us, and year round fertilization is actually okay. However, the ideal time to fertilize is going to be in late spring, right before the heat of the summer.

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