Owning or managing any type of property, from residential to commercial, requires the management of an associated landscape. Whether it be an expansive pasture full of trees, shrubs, and greenery, or a tiny patch of grass on the corner of the street, this landscape represents your property. It is in the best interest of the property owner to keep this area looking good, as it can affect everything from curb appeal to property value. The moral of the story is, choosing a landscaper that cares about you and your property is important, as shoddy work is a direct reflection of management. We often work with clients that have recently had a poor experience with another landscaper, so we wanted to compile the five reasons to choose Estate Landscaping over the competition. There is more to landscaping than the work itself. Our full-service landscaping company puts it all together to give our clients the best experience possible.

Full-Service Offering

While there are other important qualities of a full-service landscaping company beyond the type of services they offer, it is important to work with a landscaper that can do it all. Large landscaping companies are typically able to offer services performed with commercial-grade equipment, and the personnel to perform a wider variety of tasks. The last thing you want to do is manage multiple contracts with multiple vendors, to manage one property. At Estate, we offer everything from landscape enhancements, to lighting, to irrigation.

Certified and Experienced Staff

In order to offer a myriad of services, we require our personnel to perform the required tasks for each project. Our desire is that our employees become the best at their job, rather than a jack of all trades providing average work. For irrigation, our technicians are certified specialists, as well as our pest control operators, landscape designers, and arborists. This third-party verification of competency from well-respected organizations gives us the leg up, knowing that the staff at Estate is well trained, and prepared for the task at hand.

Dedicated Communication Systems

One of the most commonplace issues faced by customers of landscaping companies is a lack of communication and reliability. We aim to ensure this is never an issue at Estate, as we assign dedicated Account Managers to all of our accounts in order to provide a seamless point of contact. If your account manager is unavailable to alleviate your concern at the time, we also provide numerous other methods of contact, from our website form to a phone call. Dedicated office staff will always be available to provide support to our loyal customers.

Programs and Processes

Another way in which we set ourselves apart from the competition is with our various programs tailored to the needs of local property owners. Hurricanes are often an issue, causing damage and destruction to the area during the season. For this reason, many clients utilize our Hurricane Response Program, which allows properties to become operational again as soon as possible. Our site maintenance program, our service order system, and our value-added services are all part of keeping the quality of work high, and costs low, making your life easier.

Education and Transparency

Last but not least, Estate Landscaping prides itself on keeping our clients in the loop. Many organizations like to keep industry secrets, and do-it-yourself information in the dark to force customers to keep coming back. With Estate, this is not the case at all. We want our clients to be able to make informed decisions and be knowledgeable about their landscape. For this reason, we publish monthly blogs on industry-relevant topics, as well as send out email blasts with various landscaping information. You should never be kept uninformed by a company you trust, and our goal at Estate is to earn the trust of our clients, time and time again.

For more information on how our full-service landscaping team at Estate can take care of your landscaping needs, give us a call at (239) 498-1187, or send us an email at info@estatelandscaping.com.

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