Enhance with Local Nature and Exciting Colors

Today’s world is obsessed with bright and eccentric colors and the landscape design industry is no exception. With the reportedly most popular plant color of 2020 being purple, you can expect landscape design teams to use both expected plants such as Sun Patients and Begonias in addition to more extravagant choices such as Coleus and Oyster Plant. The combination of expected and “out there” will bring a great balanced aesthetic to your landscaping.

Multi Levels

Another popular trend right now is the use of multiple levels to create depth and definition in landscaping. Having distinct looks on every different level gives you the opportunity to create multiple unique gardens within one outdoor space. This is great for business owners who hope to present different types of aesthetics to their client base. It is also a good way to appeal to the masses by having a little something for everyone as they move through your landscaping.

Asymmetric Design

The social trend of staying true to one’s self and embracing one’s uniqueness is being echoed in currently popular landscape design techniques. Rather than adhering to the strict and rigid format of clear lines and shapes, there has been a switch to more asymmetric styles with unstructured edges and curves. This look appears more natural and lets business owners blend their landscaping into the natural world around them. But how can you keep your asymmetric garden from looking too overgrown and unkempt?

Balance is always going to be a key factor in any landscape design trend. By having well-thought-out placement and a consideration for shapes and colors, designers can create asymmetrical balance in your garden that appeals visually to anyone who sees it.

Add Some Water

Water features have always been and continue to be one of the strongest landscaping trends there is. Not only are they beautiful and intriguing parts of your landscaping but they can also offer a wide variety of benefits to your business.

To start with, water features bring one of the most calming sounds from nature to your commercial landscaping, which is a great break from traffic horns, news alerts, and ringing phones that you and your clients have to hear most of the day. By adding stunning water features to your landscaping, you can have the most soothing sounds right outside your doorway.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a cost-effective way to emphasize the nighttime exterior beauty of your home or business and the landscaping surrounding your property. If you’re like most of us, your home or business is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. By installing outdoor lights in a way that visually complements your overall property, you greatly improve your curb appeal and potentially your property’s market value.
Safety is key with landscape lighting. Landscape lighting, in addition to its beautifying qualities and making a space more usable at night, is an amazing and effective way to combat trespassing and deter theft. It can sometimes be addressed with floodlights, but a much better approach is to strategically place low levels of light throughout the property to create cohesion or smooth transitions of light. This does two things: It eliminates what we call “black holes” or dark spots where intruders can hide and prevents glaring light that can be fatiguing to the eye of a homeowner scanning the property.
Keep these ideas in mind and start planning your next landscape design today with our team at Estate Landscaping.

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