As a full-service landscaping company, we not only offer every service a property may need, we service every type of property. This means that we work with both homeowners and commercial property managers. However, there are stark differences between the two. The goal of commercial landscaping is to assist the property in driving in revenue, and thus profit. This could be through the attraction of retail customers, or the retention of tenants. Conversely, the residential property might just want to impress the neighbors. In either case to impress requires the addition of new and creative installations in your landscape. Here are five easy landscape enhancements that will add value to your property.

Mulch Installation: Consistent and Classic

While trends change year in and year out, mulch is always in. It is the undisputed champion of landscaping, doing nothing but benefitting your plant health. From a functional perspective it will insulate your plant material, keeping roots cool and wet in the summer, warm in the winter. Mulch will keep weeds away, and it also looks great in your landscape. There is a reason all of the best properties use mulch, either organic or inorganic.

palm trees at nightLandscape Lighting: Dual Threat

Like mulch, the benefits of landscape lighting are both aesthetic and functional. Outdoor lighting will illuminate your landscape, and the investments you have made. Your property will look great at all hours and everyone will know it. Additionally lighting will keep away criminals, and prevent trespassing or theft. This can be especially important in commercial landscapes where there may not be people presence into the late hours.

Commercial Common Area

Ever since the COVID pandemic, people have been looking for ways to spend more time together outside. Especially on commercial properties where tenants are working in an office or reside in an apartment, adding a space where people can congregate will do wonders. Think about a hardscape paver patio with flower accents and adequate seating. This will be a desirable amenity, and is sure to increase your property value.

Irrigation System Installation

Every lawn needs water, no other way to put it. On many commercial properties this can mean a large complicated sprinkler system with improper coverage and wasted resources. Modern irrigation technology uses real time weather data and automation to optimize the precise amount of water used. Commercial properties notoriously overwater, and an irrigation system can both save you money and make your lawn look a little better.

Annual Flowers

Perennial flowers are fantastic, providing consistent color year round. However, annual flowers are quite different. They go through an entire lifecycle in just one season. Blooming for just this one season, annual flowers can be installed and then rotated annually. This allows you to extend creativity as you select color based on the time of year. Fresh new colors will excite visitors and drive them to your property.

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