Water is a great thing for your landscape, right? It is an essential nutrient that every single plant on planet earth needs to survive and grow. While this is true, you know the old saying, “everything in moderation.” Too much water can be bad for your landscape, possibly even drastic. Due to the tropical climate we experience in Florida, there are both times of drought and excessive rainfall. When there is too much rain, or you overwater your landscape, this can create an environment that is ripe for the spread of disease and pests. They love moisture just as much, if not more than your plants do. This is why drainage is so important, and you cannot let water runoff pool up on your property. If it is, you have some landscape drainage issues, and we are going to give you four signs that this is the case.

muddy grass at a park

1. Standing Water

The number one sign of a drainage problem in your landscape is standing water. If water is pooling up every time there is rainfall, then it is likely that water is running down some slope unopposed and pooling up. Now, we know all of the problems that standing water can cause, and some of those symptoms will be signs of drainage issues discussed next. Water pooling up anywhere can be problematic, which means inspecting your yard is a good idea, checking everywhere.

2. Soil Erosion

Another sign that runoff is causing problems, is that you start to see soil erosion in your landscape. This likely means that water is coming down onto your landscape, pulling up the soil as it runs down a slope. With the potential to cause extreme issues, soil erosion can pull up the roots of your turf, keeping it from growing back. If you notice bare spots start to pop up, for this reason, you might have a drainage problem.

3. Brown Patches

Often not associated with landscape drainage issues are brown patches. Too much moisture in your property can actually be a cause of one of the most common lawn diseases. When brown patches start to crop up in your yard, most people would assume that this is caused by drought. This can be a cause, but so can too much moisture, smothering the turf and roots while robbing them of their ability to draw nutrients. If brown patches begin to pop up, taking a look at your current drainage is a must.

4. Water Leaking into Structure

Saving the absolute worst sign of drainage issues for last, water leaking into the basement of your home or business is a sure sign of a drainage problem somewhere. Drainage spouts should be directing water away from your structure, and installations like retaining walls can do the same. Water in your foundation or basement is a recipe for disaster, leading to problems that can extend well beyond landscaping.

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