As a decision maker for a Florida HOA, you inevitably become very familiar with the outdoor common areas of your neighborhood. One of the top responsibilities for HOA board’s is to take care of landscape maintenance and general upkeep of community property. Whether you currently employ a landscape maintenance provider, and are unhappy, or you take care of landscaping in-house, there are many advantages that come with an experienced, reliable landscape maintenance company that can fully service your needs. While some members of your board, or homeowners in your HOA may complain about the added cost, there are a variety of reasons why a Professional Landscape Maintenance service is right for your HOA (and may even save you money!).


Although it may seem obvious, one of the main allures of hiring a professional landscaping company is the professional expertise of trained crews, who have operated in the industry for years. When you take on a professional, they should be able to quickly and easily identify your needs and issues, and provide you the most relevant solutions. Reliance on your eye, and additional research can keep you afloat, but it takes more than a google search to maintain a beautiful Florida HOA landscape. At Estate Landscaping, we find ourselves often working with HOA’s, so we know a thing or two. Professional certifications and licenses exist to give you the peace of mind that your landscape is in great hands.

Save Money

Although at first glance it may seem like an obvious increase in cost, hiring a professional landscape maintenance company can save you money in multiple ways. Whether it be bulk pricing on materials, such as mulch and rock, or the mitigated risk of preventing future problems, money is saved. You do not want to be caught off guard by each new unique challenge, causing budgetary issues, but have the confidence that a professional is taking care of you and your HOA. This consistent, reliable cost is often much lower than attempting to take short cuts, and keep maintenance in-house.

Consistency and Reliability

For the same reasons that a Landscape Maintenance company can save you money, they will also be consistent. When a professional, well coordinated maintenance team takes over your HOA, everything can fall into sync. When your homeowners see the consistency of branded trucks, uniformed workers and quality workmanship every week, it will inspire confidence in where their hard earned money is going. Additionally, the benefits of having one full service provider will prevent the headache of having to manage separate relationships for various projects. Keeping it clean and streamlined will add a more organized feel to your landscaping experience.

Reduced Liability

When you take on a contract with a Landscape Maintenance Contractor, your association can avoid liability for landscape mishaps. This is not to say that something will go wrong, as with a professional, insured and experienced team, the likelihood of a mishap decreases significantly. But when your association’s credibility is on the line, it is best to leave it in the hands of the professionals, like our team here at Estate Landscaping.

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