With the winter bringing more than cool weather, the holiday season is a time of rest and relaxation for most people. This is true of your landscape as well, as it is easy to sit back and let your landscaping company do their thing. With a quality landscape provider, this is easily done, and you can trust your needs will be met. However, if you are a more motivated property owner, looking to get a leg up on the competition, you need your landscape to look as lavish as ever all year long. This includes the cooler fall and winter months that do not hit us quite as hard here in Florida. Warmer weather through the winter means your landscape will still be used and viewed, with potential residents continuing to judge the quality of your property. Here are three things you can do to keep your landscape looking good all year.

Mulch Early and Often

Benefiting from the warm weather in the winter months, you have the opportunity to engage in most landscape installations at any point throughout the year. Assuming you already have mulch across your landscape, now is a great time to assess if it is time for a replacement. If you do not have mulch, what are you doing?

Organic mulch provides your property with a multitude of benefits, both functional and aesthetic. As we are discussing how to keep your property looking good, a fresh layer of mulch does just that. Additionally, when it comes to functionality, the benefits will contribute to your overall look. Mulch keeps weed growth from sprouting up and prevents soil compaction, both of which contribute to the healthy growth of your plant material. When your plants look better and grow healthier with a new layer of mulch on top of their beds, you will be well on your way to a landscape that looks good all year long.

Enhancements: Add Color with Blooming Shrubs

Whether your property is commercial or residential, it can benefit from the installation of shrubs that bloom, adding color to your property. Shrubs already add aesthetic value on their own, creating a structure, and adding privacy. However, there are many varieties that bloom during various seasons and can be leveraged to add exciting pops of color. They will even accent your existing plant material within your plant beds, and add another piece of greenery for your new mulch installation to protect. If you have an itch for creative design, there is a world of possibility when considering the installation of flowering shrubs. With choices to make from color to bloom season, you can facilitate a sharp increase in the curb appeal of your property.

Annual Flower Rotation

With the last two recommendations being founded upon low maintenance items that will look good all year, annual flower rotation is a little more intensive. In order to keep your landscape looking perfect all year, you need seasonal color. If there is a time of year that nothing is blooming in, you will have a gap in your landscaping, where your landscape is not up to par. By engaging in seasonal color rotation, you can keep a fresh bloom at all times, and ensure a great year-long look.

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