We often discuss with our clients the importance of their lawn as a part of their landscape and the fact that it gives off a first impression of the property as a whole. Especially in Florida where expectations are high due to the warm climate, the simple fact is that you are judged on your turf. This is why at Estate Landscaping we prioritize full-service lawn care for our clients. Many companies take a “mow and go” approach to lawn care, but we believe in prioritizing these three core components. Lawn care, lawn maintenance, and lawn management are all essential to keeping a holistically healthy lawn that looks lush and green. In this blog, we will break down what each of these components means and how they are essential.    

3 Separate Components Of Professional Full-Service Lawn CareLawn Maintenance

This component of full-service lawn care is the foundation. Lawn maintenance is the component most commonly thought of, consisting of mowing and edging. This is what keeps your turf at a respectable length, and when done properly contributes to the overall health of the turf. Many companies miss out on the artistry that is lawn maintenance and cut your lawn too short, or overlook the edging. Turf needs to be mowed frequently at a conservative length so as to not stress the roots and force them to grow back too fast. Edging must be performed with strict attention to detail to create those structured lines that bring uniformity to the landscape. Lawn maintenance is the bare minimum, but still must be performed with class.

Lawn Care

Now, your turf does need more than just mowing. In order for it to stay healthy long-term, it needs to be fed. This is where the care comes in, with routine fertilization treatments adding necessary nutrients to the mix. The general combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium work in coordination with one another to comprehensively boost the health of the turf. Nitrogen for greener grass, while the latter two contribute to long-term root development and nutrient storage. This addition of nutrients keeps out lawn predators, like diseases, pests, and weeds. Speaking of those predators, the other facet of lawn care is the application of pre-emergent and post-emergent controls for these issues. Each of these potential predators has the capability to rampage your turf if left unchecked, which is where lawn management comes in.

Lawn Management

This is the final component of full-service lawn care, and maybe the most important long-term. It is great if all of the aforementioned services are being performed, but it does no good if the lawn is being ignored. Having a professional lawn care specialist continually evaluate your lawn and its needs to custom tailor your lawn care programs is lawn management. Additionally, having someone inspect your lawn on a routine basis makes sure that any of those potential lawn predators are caught, and caught early. The sooner the better, especially when it comes to post-emergent treatments. With Estate, you get this level of care from your assigned team, and they will treat your lawn like their own.

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