What is the point of healthy turf, shrubs, and landscape? That is essentially the question you have to ask yourself if you are considering any type of landscaping treatment. The answer to this question is both complex and very simple. Simply put, you want your landscape to be healthy because you want it to look good. Healthy plant material is green, lush, and long-lasting. Unhealthy plant material is decayed and yellow, which is unsightly. The complex answer has some long-winded explanation about how a great landscape increases business for a commercial property, which is very true. This is what these treatments do, keep your plant healthy while keeping out those landscape predators like pests and weeds who seek to infest. In this blog, we will break down these 3 reasons why you should treat your landscape for the third lawn predator; disease, with these three reasons.

3 Reasons To Treat Your Landscape

Pre-Emergent Disease Treatment Prevents Mayhem

Do you know what disease can do to your lawn? Fungi are some of the fastest-growing and strongest organisms on planet earth. This is why you see nothing in your yard one day, and fully grown mushrooms the next. However, it is not the mushrooms we are worried about, but the many fungal lawn diseases out there. Brown patch is a prime example, and something that can often be overlooked in Florida, mistaken for drought damage. This is because the disease causes browned turf, except unlike a drought this turf is dead, not thirsty. Dollar spot does something similar, this time in small circular spots, rather than one large brown patch. If your lawn is not properly treated, these can slip in undetected and tear up years of hard work.

Greener Grass Leads to Heightened Curb Appeal

The concept of curb appeal is important to both the commercial property manager, and the residential homeowner. For commercial property, the curb appeal is directly related to the amount of business that can be driven in. In terms of attracting long-term tenants for an apartment complex or office park, these individuals want to see an investment in the space they have to spend a significant amount of time in. For a retail center curb appeal is about attracting foot traffic. These are the customers who will walk in and spend their money with a retailer. This is how curb appeal is directly tied to both profit and revenue, and what else matters? The greener your grass, the better your curb appeal.

Treatments Compound, Disease Compounds

Because disease ravages your turf, it opens the door for other issues to present themselves in your already weakened lawn. If you allow your lawn to continue to take on disease, the next thing you will find is a pest or weed infestation. However, the same is true for treatments both pre and post-emergent. If you repeatedly feed your lawn with the necessary preventive treatments, over the course of the long term your turf will build up a tolerance to the disease. The choice is yours, and we would recommend treatments over fungal disease.

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